Make ‘em put back all the zeros, Bob!

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government-spending2-US-HATMake ‘em put back all the zeros, Bob!

NOTE TO BOB: Bob, I was just browsing over the state by state expenditures of VA, and you know what caught my eye? It just suddenly jumped out at me that the bean counters who published this report chopped the last three zeros off of all the dollar amounts. They rounded their figures off, so they show the number of  $1000 units, not the number of $1 units as ordinary, air breathing,  human people would do. That confused me for awhile.

Here is a TIP for you Secretary Bob,……………………………..

VA CHOICE CARD gives vets no choices


VA CHOICE CARD gives vets no choices


The VA is the way it is, because lots of greedy people make lots of crooked money by keeping VA exactly as it is. Do not expect that these greedy, blood thirsty profit monsters will give up control of VA easily or without a fight.

VA is LYING and VA and CONGRESS are BOTH lying about …………………………….

blessing and responsibility to care for others


Bob-Oath-SMALL 452533084“blessing and responsibility to care for others”

I am a strong supporter of new VA Secretary Robert A. (Call me Bob) McDonald and of VBA Under Secretary retired Air Force General Allison Hickey. Bob McDonald has said, At VA we have the blessing and responsibility to care for others.”  and I believe that that came straight from Secretary McDonald’s  good and decent heart.

ALLISON-SMALL-indexVBA Under Secretary Allison Hickey has proven herself to this old soldier by interceding with the VA bureaucracy for several vets I have told her about, who were getting royally cheated  by VA bureaucrats beneath her who were either knowledgeable or selfishly disinterested or both. Under Secretary Hickey is a retired Air Force General, and she is quickly becoming one of my heroes.


Bob and Allison are good and honest people, but the reality is ……………..

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