Guest Editorial by War Vet Robert Priester


 Guest Editorial by Vietnam War Vet Robert Priester of Lawrenceville, GA

I’m a veteran of Vietnam. In the years we were in Indochina our justification kept changing but no matter what cause we embraced. We couldn’t seem to win and get out. Iraq and Afghanistan are not different. Our purpose is ill defined and the very people we think we’re helping could, in the end, despise us. We can’t and shouldn’t be fighting the world’s wars when we can’t settle our differences at home. We’re living in an explosive society with constant threats of violence because we’ve become such……………………………………….

……………………………………………………….an intolerant people. An external enemy will not unify us this time. It will merely be another fracture to our crumbling foundation

The same elected officials who denied aid for Hurricane Sandy insist that the Syrians need our help and never mention costs.

Tell me again how killing more people in Syria will bring peace?

Exactly how many bombs and missiles, how many casualties and deaths, how much collateral suffering are we willing to inflict for peace? We had a red line on Syria, what’s the Red Line on us?

Have we gone from rubber bullets to rubber bombs? You’re dumber than you think I am.

The drone heads will disappear when they start showing the children we killed in the name of peace. Their precision bombing should be practiced at home.

I don’t want a dialogue with drone heads. I heard it all before they could shit in a diaper. It’s the clean and sanitized version of a just war. Bullshit. You swim in that sewer and let them piss in your ears. I know better.

Who imposes the Red Line on us?

Killing Syrians to save them from Syrians is what Assad does.

They always say our reasons for more killing are more humane and our reasons are more just. Yeah, right! Then our reasons keep changing.

We can’t employ, feed, house, educate, provide medical care or a livable wage but the Republican Congressmen can always find money for war.

The ones rattling the sabers won’t be doing the fighting, dying, or paying the costs.

War is a Capitalist Diversion to distract the masses.

International rules of war are usually written in times of peace. Only a fool expects a fair fight once the battle has begun.

Is bombing Syria a practice run for domestic drone attacks?

They can’t process a veteran’s claim in a timely manner but they have endless amounts of money for starting another war.

If we want to save innocent civilians let’s start with affordable health care.

Syria isn’t our problem. The outcome will not be as expected. The more we become involved the more we will appear as just another combatant in the mix. Gratitude is short live in these situations and long-term bonds are an illusion. We are being used and the only remaining question is “by whom”?

If we want to enforce the Geneva Convention rules, the Hague rules, or any UN war rules lets close Guantanamo. The hypocrisy is sickening.
When the average family has employment, a livable wage, health care, education, retirement, decent veterans care, and a real chance at the American dream and a real share of the fruits of their labor then, and only then, can we consider saving the rest of the world.

Let’s be Humanitarian right here in the USA.

Did all this information come from the honest folks at the NSA and CIA?

This action must be for the 1% because it has no value, purpose, or noble call for the rest of us.

This proves were not a Democracy. We just don’t know who the dictator is.

Speaking of Syria: What if they hold, as hostages, the civilians sympathetic to the rebels? And for every bomb we drop or missile launched they kill 1000, 2000, 3000, of their own civilians. Dare we think they won’t? Stay out of there.

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  1. Tim O'Rourke says:

    Amen…we supported the wrong people in Egypt and we don’t need to start shit in Syria. Beside that we gave everything away already! Our military is tired, underfunded, sequestration has taken it’s toll, thank you Obama and Congress. Our military leadership is outright poor we can’t win a war. Stay out take care of America!

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