Explaining War in a few words


Our government, both Democrats and Republicans are foaming at the mouth for war in Syria. They say that we must murder Syrians to prevent Syrians from murdering each other. They do not explain why we do not bomb Israel or Great Britain for committing on a large scale the very same acts for which they claim we must now bomb Syria for committing on a small scale.

If you are a working class person, without a Harvard Business School Degree or a large stock portfolio, this probably confuses you.  If, you will click on the READ MORE tab, I will explain all of this in very simple terms easily understandable to a fairly bright nine year old child……………………………….  CLICK TO READ MORE!

The first thing you must understand is that your government like all governments is lying. Life on our planet is a giant war between the rich people, the Bosses,  who own everything and the working people, the Workers,  who produce everything.  The greatest weapon the Bosses have is lying. If, the Bosses can Bull shit the Workers the Bosses win. Write that down.

One of the many things that the Bosses do not want the Workers to know is why we have wars.  The real reason that we have wars is to create markets for the stuff the workers produce, so that the Bosses can profit by selling that stuff.  As one reads history, one finds that from time to time, as  Worker productivity increases, our capitalist system begins to produce more stuff than the world’s consumers and our governments can buy up.  This creates a real headache for the Bosses. No buyers for the ever increasing amount of stuff that the Workers produce means a slow down in the GROWTH of the amount of profit the Bosses receive by selling the fruits of the Worker’s labor.  Not a reduction in profits necessarily, but just a reduction in the GROWTH of profits.

If, this sort of problem arose in a family business, the owners would slow down production, sit back and enjoy their already lucrative flow of  profits, and be content.  But, the Bosses, are more greedy than that. And, they not only own all of our means of producing stuff, they also control our government. So, the response of the government to having saturated the natural market with the stuff the Workers produce, is to artificially create new markets by starting wars.

Wars work great for the Bosses. Wars use up more stuff in a few days than our planet’s natural economy can use up in decades. Wars allow the Bosses to sell everything the Workers can produce in a very, very short time. Thus  maximizing corporate profits and eliminating the need for costly research to find new and better stuff to produce. Any old junk stuff will do to sell in a war market, because we are just going to blow it up and destroy it any way.

Does war sound like a perfect economic plan to you? It certainly does to the Bosses.

But, there is a down side to war as an economic tool, if you are a Worker. Workers have to supply the corpses and the body parts that are used up in waging war. And, in war, which is waged on credit by the Bosses, the Workers get buried in national debt to pay off all of the loans taken out to pay the Bosses for the stuff the Workers produced. Workers have to watch while their children and grand children are shipped home in body bags, or come home on gurneys with no legs or arms and a life time sentence to a colostomy bag at 20 years old.

The ONLY benefit for American Workers in waging war against Syria or any other nation, is that the American Workers  get the “satisfaction” of being tricked into a false fury of blind hatred toward the Syrian Workers, who are no more to blame than for war than the American Workers.

The Bosses feel that all of this suffering by Workers is well justified to keep the profits flowing and the capitalist hamburger Industrial Complex humming. I disagree with the Bosses, it is far from worth it. What do YOU think? Or, do you think at all?



posted ron nesler new harmony indiana 9-9-2013

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  1. Jim and Diane Arnold says:

    I’ll tell you what I think… I know that you are correct & that these statements of your are not just mere allegations. An uneducated person can look back through history & learn the facts that support this article. This horrific government behavior has been going on for as long as I can remember. I think that it worsened, if that’s possible, when LBJ took office.

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