VA is LYING about Claims Forms


I did not finish high school and have no college. But, I am an enlisted Vietnam vet, and my good friend Ben Krause, a smart and learned man, tells me he values the input of enlisted Vietnam vets. So, today I will share my opinions about the VA’s proposed rule changes for informal claims. And, opinions are what I have, nothing more. Research and scholarship are Ben’s department. I am just an old soldier who has paid my dues, and who feels entitled to shoot off my mouth about the VA.

The VA RULE CHANGE IN QUESTION has two goals; to lighten the work load of the VA administrators and to screw vets who are not attorneys, rocket scientists or Talmudic scholars, which includes most of us.

The current informal claim rule is the only VA rule I know of that actually works to the benefit of the veteran.  Under the current rules for informal claims, anytime a vet mentions ( either in writing or orally) any condition or illness from which you suffer an informal claim is established.  And, that informal claim establishes the date of the claim for back pay purposes.

If you phone the VA or drop them a short note written on a cocktail napkin saying that your head has exploded from the high anxiety of waiting six years for a response to a previous communication to the VA, your mere mention of your exploded head establishes an official VA claim for exploded head syndrome. This helps lots of veterans.

Many vets start out trusting the VA and thinking that the VA will help them, if they just tell the VA what is wrong. And, in many, many cases, the vet establishes one or more informal claims, just by telling the VA what is wrong, without ever actually attempting to file a formal claim. Sometimes this rule gets a vet years of unexpected back pay, because the date of their claim, which establishes the date that benefits begin to accrue, goes back to the unofficial claim where the vet was just telling the VA his problems, while looking for help.

Years down the road, when the vet finally understands that the VA is not there to help him with his claim and finally hires a smart attorney, the smart attorney will discover the years old informal claim in the vets paperwork records, and win retroactive pay for the vet back to the date of the informal claim. The VA wants to stop that, create a complicated claim form, give the veteran more chances to make a mistake that costs him or her compensation, and keep the pesky lawyers from helping the vet get what the VA SHOULD have awarded him or her years ago.

None of that is intended to help the veteran. As usual the VA is LYING, and unless enough people raise Hell about it, veterans are about to be screwed out of  one of the very few breaks they have ever gotten in dealing with the VA.


To change the rules on vets, the VA is required by federal law to first post the change on the Federal Register for public comments. There is still time to comment on this claim form change———> FEDERAL REGISTER PUBLIC COMMENTS ON VA CLAIMS RULE CHANGE


The following publications have published articles on this new VA attempt to screw veterans, NONE of them approve:





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  1. Well said, Ron! If more vets would sound off like you do instead of just rolling over and taking the shafting that the VA gives them, the entire VA empire would come crashing down. Somehow, we have to get vets mobilized to translate their frustration at the VA into action in the electoral process. Only when we get a new crop of people in the House and Senate who are not allies of the crooked VA, but are, instead, allies of the vets who served their country with their lives at risk, will we get a reformed and restructured VA that is so desperately needed. Keep up the good work!

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