VA Big Shot in Emotional Distress


On top of being a war vet, I grew up poor and then struggled with alcoholism for a few decades. I have been hungry, homeless, beat up,………………………………………

………………….laughed at, sued, abandoned, lied about, deserted and twice thrown into Mexican jails.  I have a Doctorate Degree in emotional trauma and humiliation. Consequently, I hardly ever take pleasure in the suffering of another human being. But, I make an exception in the case of this  VA Asshole Big Shot.

Read the story linked above. This guy had it all, but he got bit in the butt for cheating sick and dying veterans out of earned health care. He was second in command at the Phoenix, AZ  VAMC, where they got caught killing veterans to boost their bonuses. I know there hasn’t been a trial yet, and that I am supposed to consider him innocent until proven guilty, but I have been screwed, lied to and stone walled by VA assholes just like him so often, that I lack the spiritual wherewithal to NOT take pleasure in his suffering.I hope it gets WORSE for this evil parasite bastard.

I hope this third rate sissy VA crook becomes so distraught that he takes his own life with a Popsicle stick. And, that his VA buddies chop him up and feed him to the pigs, like they do in Deadwood on HBO.




Posted by Ron Nesler an Old soldier from New Harmony, Indiana.

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  1. The biggest question for the ass holes who kill and treat veterans like garbage is this, What do they do on Veterans Day and Memorial Day? What do they tell their families what they do at work. If they have neighbors who are disabled veterans what is their topic of conversation? Are there any statics of suicide with in the buildings called VA Hospitals? Do they encourage their children to join the military? Do you live next to one? have you asked him about his position? like disposing of bodies telling old men who can stand with the help of a cane or a walker ” het stand there and wait your turn!!!!!!!
    I honestly could not do that.

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