I will start this post by offering up a little song for your enjoyment by Kris Kristofferson. It is called JESUS WAS A CAPRICORN and in this song I see some good advice for veterans.

Then I would like to talk a little about……….

……………….  how FEW friends veterans have.

In my educated opinion most folks in Congress have only two interests, and these two are #1 getting campaign donations from rich people and corporations and #2 getting re-elected so they can get more campaign donations from rich people and corporations. In several decades of battling against VA crimes and lies I have found one member of Congress who showed true concern for veterans, there MAY have been others, if there were I missed them. I think my readers would also agree that most of the BIG VETERAN SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS (VSO’s) are a lot more interested in selling memberships and drinking beer, than they are in helping veterans defeat the VA. The Big Shots at the big VSO’s draw take favors from VA and play golf and go to cocktail parties with the VA Big Shots, the bread of these VSO Big Shots is not buttered on the veterans side of the slice. In this criticism of VSO’s I make exceptions for VIETNAM VETERANS of AMERICA (VVA) and also the  IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN VETERANS of AMERICA (IAVA)  which are in my opinion  a different and much better type of critter than the rest of the VSO’s.

So bottom line it is scary how few friends that veterans have.It makes me think we should take care of the ones we DO have. Almost all of the few friends that veterans have are attorneys, journalists and or muckrakers in the slime pits of government. One of the muckrakers that is among the few friends veterans that veterans have is the PROJECT ON GOVERNMENT OVERSIGHT or POGO. For whatever motives POGO has, they keep digging out and exposing the crimes and lies of the VA. I suggest that vets should follow POGO to keep informed about what new shenanigans the VA is up to.

Another very fine friend of veterans is Ben Krause. Ben is an investigative reporter and an attorney specializing in VA law, and he is ALSO a service connected disabled veteran himself. He is also about the smartest human being I have ever known, and he himself been lied to and treated like crap by the VA. Ben is a go getter who is dedicated to making a difference in how VA treats veterans. If you are a veteran and sick of the VA lying to you and cheating you, a good first step in fighting back against VA is to get acquainted with Ben Krause and follow Ben’s Blog DISABLED VETERANS.ORG

You have been graced with Ron’s thoughts on HOW FEW FRIENDS VETERANS HAVE . Ron Nesler is posting from New Harmony, Indiana.






  1. Johnny Kinder says:

    What? You are so miss led in your statements about VSOs. I makes your report valueless! You are a BLOW HARD! You must apologise to VSO’s who really care, there are one hell of alot of them. If you have the back bone come meet some!
    Johnny Kinder District 4 Chief of Staff Kansas Veterans of Foriegn Wars

    • Ron Nesler says:

      I have NEVER had an attorney try to sell me a “membership” so that they could then sell me booze and cigarettes with which to ruin my health and rob my family of the grocery money, but VSO’s do that to veterans each and EVERY day. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke cigarettes, and I am NOT a VFW fan.

      • Ferrell Scott says:

        Stick to your guns Ron. You are100% straight on. The personal attack on you did not go unnoticed by me either.

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